The Gospel Project for Kids

Last fall we started on a four-year journey through the Bible using the Gospel Project for Kids. It's wonderful watching our kids discover God's Big Plan through every page of the Bible. 

There are many ways you can follow along with us at home. Here at the church we only see your kids a few hours each week - it's at home the real growth happens. We want to help you as a family grow together in your faith. 


What's it all about?

The Gospel Project for Kids is a chronological study of the Bible. Kids will discover God's big plan through every story of the Bible. Right from the beginning, God had a plan for salvation, and as we study your kids will see how God has been preparing for salvation the whole time. But it doesn't stop at the cross, God's plan continues today in our lives and into the future!

Big Picture Cards

Each child at Fairview Kids receives a Big Picture card package. Families can use these cards as a tool to reinforce Bible stories in a systematic approach as kids learn biblical truths and connect each story to Jesus Christ. Each card contains a full colour Bible story picture for each week with Scripture passage, the Main Point, Big Question and Answer, a Christ connection and Key Passage for every lesson.



Gospel Project for Kids App

Want to follow along with us each week? Download the app for free and see what your kids are learning each week. There are also options for interactive activities to help reinforce the lesson throughout the week.

Available through iTunes or Google Play store.


Want to Dig Deeper?

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