Online Resources

There is so much available online these days, we thought we'd share some of our favourite sites, apps and games for you!

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Bible Gateway

Looking for an easy way to look up a verse or find a devotional? Bible Gateway is a great website that gives you access to the whole Bible in any translation in seconds! 

Parent Cue

A rich resource for parents! Ever felt like you're not doing enough, and have nothing left to give your family? The Parent Cue is a blog specifically designed to give parents the best information possible to lead their families. And it's not just a blog, it's so much more!

The Beginner's Bible

This one is just for kids - a site full of games and activities related to the Bible. 


A free app with Bible Lessons for kids, kids Bible Stories, kids Bible videos, Bible activities for kids and colouring pages! 

LifeTree Kids

The YouTube channel for Life Tree Kids. Worship along with music videos, short films and much more!